Saturday, November 24, 2007

Liberal philanthropy

"Meet the women who won't have babies - because they're not eco friendly."


  1. What a nutjob...

  2. Hi Andy,

    Reminds me of the reason why I got my nuts tied- my wife turned into a nutjob. Glad the pagans in the post were tied. Pagans tend to breed pagans.
    Look forward to more discussion on that on this blog.

  3. Well, here's a little known fact: We're now discovering that all the female hormones being poured into the water system by users of artificial birth control (the Pill) is affecting the fish population. In some rivers, we're now finding that male fish are carrying eggs in their testes, and since these hormones are not filtered out in the water purification systems, nobody knows what they are doing to the human population.

    So, if having children is a selfish act that harms the planet, and this is a sufficient argument for not having children, how, pray tell, is the use of birth control pills helping the planet? It seems like you're left with either invasive surgery to sterilize people or abortion. Why not just use this argument to justify infanticide too?

  4. Why stop at infanticide?

    For that matter, why doesn't Toni Vernelli just kill herself now, for the sake of the planet?