Saturday, November 24, 2007

Richard Roberts bows out

Of course, I'd be the first to say "good riddance”—although I'd have to stand in line for the privilege, but what has been lost sight of in this scandal is that folks are treating the symptom rather than the disease.

Richard Roberts is not a hypocrite. He's a prosperity preacher. So he is merely practicing what he preaches.

Why did they expect? That he'd live in a mobile home, drive a used Hyundai, and buy his suits from the local thrift shop?

Why it comes as such a shock to so many students, faculty, and donors that a health-n-wealth preacher and his trophy wife would indulge a worldly, materialistic, ostentatious lifestyle is simply one of the standing ironies of Pentecostalism—the irony being that no segment of Christendom has less spiritual discernment than the charismatic movement.

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  1. I really remember Richard. He would be plugging one of his books with his salesman charisma, and then he would stop in mid-sentence, and say something like: "Alright Lord, I'll tell them that. Uh Huh, I hear you, yes I'll tell them". What an acorn!

    How different are these guys than Joseph Smith?
    I suppose they go with a more evangelical doctrinal statement. But is that simply a smoke screen?

    I thought this quote was interesting: "Oral Roberts' teachings influenced a whole new generation of "prosperity gospel" preachers, six of whom are the target of a financial inquiry led by the ranking Republican on the Senate finance committee. Three of those under scrutiny — Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and Creflo Dollar — sit on the ORU board of regents."

    Could the Lord be bringing these false teachers down? I pray for His mercy always for all, but I also pray for God to expose these 'tares'in His wheatfield.