Friday, November 03, 2006

Jay Walker

I heard that Jay Walker (The Discomfiter) was going to be on The Narrow Mind tomorrow morning from 9-10 PST. Gene Cook told me he's going to drop some arguments pertaining to how Christians are a bunch of liars. Given my latest debacle, I'm tuning in for this one.

I also heard that he got his latest round of arguments from John Loftus. Should be an interesting show.


  1. I am unavailable for the live show, but would someone please pass the following comments on to "Jay Walker"?

    Tell Jay Walker to "break a leg."

    Also, ask him if there are Christians who make Christianity look bad? If so, does he think he makes atheists look good?

    One last thing. Ask him this: if an atheist can lie whenever and to whomever and he wants, then are there no bad consequences in this life for him? Ask him if people would catch on to him and ostracize him if he was a pathological liar? Wouldn't he lose all respect with people and lose credibility? Does he know anyone like that?

  2. John,

    You should call in yourself. Anyway, I'll let gene know those things so he can tell Jay.

    I know many who fit the above discription, certainly someone *can* "lie whenever and to whomever and he wants," Are you saying you *can't* do this? Is this something impossible for John Loftus to do?

    Anyway, I don't know anyone who *does* like "whenever and to whomever and he wants." Certainly fi someone *did* this then he'd lose credibility. But who's done that? No one I know.

    Ayway, all I know is that Jay Walker thanks you because he's gonna rock Christians - showing them to be liars.

    But do tune in John listen to your protege.

    Yes, anonymous, that's me. You nailed it. Anyway, we both know you'll be tuning in, you're such a dram ho.

  3. You know when someone uses the word "Huffing" they have used in the past.

    Those who have never used, usually say sniffing!!! :)

    Every drug user (or former) knows that you will not get high by sniffing. You'll get a killer head-ache before you get high.

  4. Paul Manata, god's favorite tool.

  5. John Loftus, I shall ensure that Jay Walker breaks a leg. Or two.

    No-one can escape the justice of the Green Man.

  6. It's very clear to me that Paul Manata is someone who is searching for significance, and/or he's an attention seeker. He'll deny this, of course, but he exhibits these very characteristics.

    It's typical of someone with these characteristics to self-destruct when he is no longer the center of attention. What's odd to me is that as a Christian he should already believe himself significant.

    No one can always be the center of attention. When he runs out of ways to gain attention (it may take years) then we'll see...

  7. It's very clear to me that Loftus is seeking attention. After all, he blogs and goes on the radio.

    Thanks again for helping us refute you with your own words, L-train. Boo-yah.

    Loftus spent the night with Walker and wore underoos, classic!

  8. Paul, is that you again, posting as anonymous?