Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Can the Leopard Change his Spots?

Dr. Svendsen has completed his sterling series on Paul Owen:

What Fellowship Hath Cranmer with Owen?

Owen's Eight Theses, Part II
Cranmer Revisted: a Response to Owen
Cranmer Vindicated: Another Response to Owen
Comprehensive Response to Owen
Paul Owen: Tractarian, not Reformed

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  1. Evan,

    Don't you know that I am irrefutable? You little evangelicals keep trying, but you're wasting your time. Only I have the intellectual muscle to come up with this sophisticated theological drivel and pawn it off as sounding orthodox and biblical. Only I can say that all you little parachurches should be subject to the pope, and yet not do so myself. Svendsen just envies me. I've corrected him over on my blog, www.reformedblowhardism.com.