Saturday, September 23, 2006

An open letter to Shawn McElhinney

“To say that I see nothing in substance different from what Dave has done with my work and what Steve Hays did with it is demonstrably true. The difference I suppose is that I did not expect Steve Hays to adhere to basic scholastic ethics the way I do from Dave.”

“When Dave did those things, he lost all benefit of the doubt for he objectively cast himself in the same mould as the Steve Hays' of the world. Much as it would gall him to read that it is nonetheless true to type: on that issue, there was not a shred of difference whatsoever in what the latter sorts do and what Dave did.”

“The way my body handled the various traumas from 2000-2002 was a gradual mental breakdown of sorts in the cognitive area: a process that started probably in late 2000 but I did not notice it until the aftermath of my father's death and funeral in June of 2001. By November of that year, it was so bad I took a four-month web sabbatical and when I returned in March 2002, it had not improved much. By October of 2002, things were pretty close to back to normal but I can see some inconsistencies in my archives from August and September of 2002 viz. post quality. (A little in early October too but not much.) Nonetheless, they remain as they were posted because it was what it was and I will not pretend that things were differently out of a respect for both honesty as well as historical accuracy. Would that more people were concerned about those things but I digress.”

“And while I am hesitant to say anything about it on this thread for how some people will interpret it, Dave conveniently ignores the fact that I had to deal with twenty-three deaths of family and friends in the past six years!!! Even since Dave and I originally went to war over the bombing issue, there were five deaths in the period from August of 2005-April of 2006 -including my oldest childhood friend whom I have known since I was five (may he rest in peace).”

—I. Shawn McElhinney

When I’m too tired for serious work, I sometimes surf the web, which is how I came across this material.

In the first two paragraphs, Shawn is alluding to my analysis of his defense of the modern understanding of “extra ecclesiam nulla salus.”

At the time I was commenting on Shawn’s material, I was unaware of his personal situation. I had been referred to his material by other Roman Catholics.

As a matter of my own personal experience, I’m only too aware the cumulative impact that cumulative personal loss can have on one.

Had I know then what I know now, I would have taken a less frontal approach in dealing with his material.

I might have generally summarized the arguments without any personal interaction.

For my unwitting insensitivity at this trying time in his life, I apologize.

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  1. Dear Steve that was nice of you to apologize, grief can really take a toll on a person and family.

    Shawn if you read this, my deepest sympathies on your losses, it is really taxing on one's faith, heart and mind. May the God of all comfort grant you peace.