Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Godless greenhorns

John W. Loftus Says:

“And they are trying to make a point about the gulibility [sic.] of we atheists. Don’t buy into it.”

Excellent advice. Unfortunately for them they already maxed out their line of dupability. All sales final. The tickets to Snookersville are nonrefundable.

It's pretty revealing to see what so many unbelievers will fall for. All I had to do was post my little squares of satirical cheese and then sit back as one by one they went stepping straight into the mousetrap.

This is painfully and screamingly ironic from folks who pride themselves on their superior powers of rationality.

Is there something essentially paranoid or conspiratorial about modern-day atheism that makes them so easy to play for chumps?

I guess it’s okay to be a schlemiel as long as you’re a secular schlemiel.

Our secular suckers are just as gullible as all the patsies who sign over their Social Security check to float the lavish lifestyle of Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Robert Tilton, or Peter Popoff.

Clearly I'm in the wrong profession. I need to start a new blog hawking tubes of holy water and anointed hankies for all the credulous unbelievers of the world.

No less striking was how quickly secularism turns cannibalistic as the mice from one atheistic blog instantly sank their ratty little teeth into the nape of a sister blog.


  1. Maybe the truth is that we all tend to believe what we want to believe, you included. So this is all the more reason to approach things with skepticism.

  2. But if that's true, Mr. Loftus, then you likely believe "that we all tend to believe what we want to believe" because you want to believe that. And you probably believe "this is all the more reason to approach things with skepticism" because you want to believe that. So you should be skeptical about your belief that you ought to approach things with skepticism.

  3. LOL!

    In my opinion, Christians are most skeptical about the human race, whereas atheists actually tend to be more nieve and trusting.

    Funny that. Jesus tells Christians to trut each other, but the atheists are the trusting ones.

  4. Travis, it's quite a dilemna isn't it? But we're in the same boat, unless you disagree with me that "we all tend to believe what we want to believe." And I'd rather be skeptical of my skepticism then the alternative of being gullible about my believing. Where does skepticism not benefit a person? Skepticism is good, and if I am to be skeptical of it then that makes me an agnostic. But agnosticism leads to atheism.

  5. How ironic. Steve the believer in fairytales made up by bored goat herders 2ky ago prides himself on playing an honest gullible atheist for a sucker. What a macho man.

  6. how ironic indeed!

    The "fib 'o nazi" got duped by some dudes with glasses, a beaker, and a lab coat with a pocket protector, into believing that "once upon a time, (i.e., "billions and billions of years ago) a from turned into a prince" (i.e., one species turned into another species).

    He now feels that he needs to point out how others believed fairy-tales as well. Even if they didn't.