Thursday, April 27, 2006

Debunking godless suckers

Well, the mutual recriminations continue to fly fast and furious over at gods4suckers. John Loftus is trying his level best to be the voice of reason, which is not small task given the flat-liners he must deal with over at his sister site.

Sean and Stardust are utterly befuddled by how Loftus had could so “forgiving” and “turn the other cheek."

Well, the explanation is pretty simple:

For one thing, Loftus is not the guy who got punk’d. He knew that my satirical series was just a spoof, so he’s not the one making a public fool of himself.

As such, he doesn’t feel the need to assume a defensive tone. On this occasion his reputation survived intact. Since he never dug himself into a hole, he has no need to dig himself out of a hole.

But Loftus is also enough of a tactician to realize that when those who were bamboozled by a palpable parody continue to dig themselves ever deeper into the wet, slippery mud, with the sides caving in at every turn, they do more damage to the cause of infidelity than any outsider could.

So Loftus continues to throw them a rope and coax them out of the pit of quick sand before they go totally under, but they continue to slap the lifeline away.

At this rate they’ll go the way of the mastodons.


  1. Steve, if I could just write as well as you do, and describe things with the metaphors (etc) that you do, you'd be in big trouble.

  2. You'd have to be as smart as him, too, Mr. Lofty.

  3. As much as I disagree with your perspective here, I had to adjust the scale when it came to collective IQ here versus at God4suckers. I can't believe they were dumb enough to not get it.

    Note what Sean says about my blog, believing it to be a "hoax":
    [my site caption]Usual stuff: opinion passed off as objective truth, ranting and bitching and moaning about stuff I can’t change…that kinda thing

    [sean] Isn’t that a classic theist argument against atheists? That we are just expressing opinion when we point to science as objective truth? And isn’t “ranting and bitching and moaning about stuff I can’t change” not only outrageously self-ridiculing, but a direct to the Serenity Prayer? (”God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change..”)

    I guess he doesn't like self-deprecating/humorous spin.

    [sean] And the main slogan itself seems a crack at bloggers: if you are bloggin’, you ain’t livin’.

    Well, considering I have a blog, wouldn't this be self-refuting??

    Anyway, like I said, I had to readjust the scale for the collective IQ over there once I read this. You guys may be wrong, but you don't seem so stupid.

  4. Heh, thanks, Bro. Danny.