Friday, December 16, 2005

A turning point?

After a brilliant blitzkrieg incursion, the occupation quickly bogged down in a grinding war of attrition. The passivity of the Iraqi populace has made our brave soldiers pay an exorbitant price for their freedom.

Although it’s too soon to say, yesterday’s Iraqi election may mark the beginning of the end of the insurgency. It seems that the Sunnis have finally resigned themselves to the old adage: “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

Not only was there a tremendous turnout of Sunni voters, but former insurgents were actually guarding the polling sites rather than bombing them. This marks a critical split between the native insurgents and the foreign jihadis.

Ironically, the fruits-n-nuts party represented by the likes of Dean, Hilary, Kerry, Pelosi, and Murtha, to name a few, chose precisely the wrong time to go wobbly on Iraq.

Unfortunately, a number of squishy, clueless Republicans have also defected on such issues as the Patriot Act and civil rights for terrorists.

We’re still having to fight a war on two fronts--at home and abroad.


  1. We should shoot the wobbly ones!;-)

  2. It has been difficult to see so many politicians try to use this war as a means of advancing themselves and their liberal agendas - and all at the expense of the safety of our soldiers who are doing such a stellar job. Where in human history has such an accomplishment been achieved, in such a short span of time, and with fewer than 3,000 casualties?

    But of course, Senator Ted Kennedy likes to call it a quagmire...


    If Iraq is a quagmire, then we need to make sure that we never go to war again - ever! But what nation on earth can afford such a luxury of avoiding war - none, save those who would gladly surrender to any encroaching enemy. Ah, now there's a national security policy that we can live without.

    The Armoury