Saturday, December 17, 2005

Gallery of the dark Truly Reformed underworld

Paul Owen ordinarily alludes to his opponents anonymously. So imagine my surprise when he singled me out for personal praise.

He says that he reads my blog for entertainment. I am truly humbled by the honor he pays me.

But, in all, honestly, I must divide the credit. For he is far too modest regarding his own signal and indispensable contributions to the comedic potential of my blog.

Just as there is, behind every great man, a great woman, so there is, behind every great funnyman, a great straight man. And I could never to hope find a finer straight man than Dr. Owen.

He is Harpo to my Groucho, Gracie to my George Burns, Blondie to my Dagwood, Dino to my Jerry Louis, Bing Crosby to my Bob Hope, Ed McMahon to my Johnny Carson, Art Carnie to my Jackie Gleason.

What is more, I am totally dependent on good material, and some of my very best material comes from Dr. Owen and his gag writers over at Communio Sanctorum. Their routines are a veritable cornucopia of slapstick material.

I can only hope that in the days and weeks and months to come, I shall be able to live up to the confidence which Dr. Owen has abode in me.

Thank you, Dr. Owen, for believing in me and making all this possible.

BTW, I never knew until now that Dr. Owen was a fan of pro wrestling. Has he published any articles on that subject in the Library of Second Temple Studies? Certainly it lends new meaning to "refereed" scholarship.


  1. CT: (Yes....Christian Library is CT) Are you paying for all this free time cuddling up with the regular Calvinist blogosphere?

    When can we ask you about your view that all visible churches and all ordained ministers are apostate? That Calvinists get the greatest rewards in heaven? That the KJV only is necessary to all proper Bible reading? That reading the Bible seven times is the revealed secret to the Christian life? That you can't be wrong because you are the elect? That all who disagree with you are unbelievers?

    Your attempt to reinvent yourself as "one of the gang" is sad. Of course, if it contains the "F-word" in your posts, I'm all for it.

  2. CT: What you've said about visible churches all being apostate, ordained ministers being apostate, all seminary training being fear of man, the KJV-only, the seven-times-around-the-Bible-Revelation, your permission to use the F-Word, your belief that Calvinists are higher in the Kingdom than's all there and you aren't going to drive past it on your way to agreeing with a few reformed tenets.

    Just remember CT...You made me your business with your troll blog. You called the wife of one of my friends a name I can't type on here for no reason. If I am on your case, you earned every bit of it.

    Why not use your real name?

  3. I don't have a 1611 KJV in the house. Tough luck.