Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Ramtha Romanist

Dave Armstrong has an “Anti-Catholic” webpage ( ), and I’m gratified to see that I’ve finally made the cut.

Since Catholicism is literally a meritocracy, I assume that one must also merit a place on Armstrong’s Anti-Catholic page. Is this a form of condign or congruent merit? Perhaps it is a parallel category, such as condign demerit or antimerit.

One practical question I have is whether I need to renew my membership every year, or can I take out a lifetime membership? In case the membership fee is beyond my modest means, perhaps I can tap into Dr. White’s treasury of anti-merit, subsidized by his lifetime achievement reward as our chief anti-merit-monger.

In Armstrong’s soteriology, is a premier “Anti-Catholic” like White the alter-ego of the Blessed Virgin? Is he the Anti-Mary? Can we pray to him to dispense so many ergs of anti-merit when our own fund of anti-merit runs low?

It was also most illuminating to see that Armstrong’s collection includes a series of debates with Calvin and Luther. I can, of course, appreciate the value of skipping the middlemen and going straight to the top. Still, I hadn’t supposed that they were available for comment.

Apparently Mr. Armstrong has been channeling the shades of Calvin and Luther, Ramtha-like. This, too, would parallel the cult of the saints. After all, the cult of the saints is just a pretty name for necromancy, so as long as Armstrong is trafficking with the dead, he might as well include Luther and Calvin in the conference call.

I’m kind of curious about the mechanics of this exercise. Does Armstrong dress up in gypsy attire, with a wig and silken shawl, and hold a séance? Is Armstrong fluent in French and German? Does Calvin speak to him—or is it through him?--in a thick, Eastern European accent?

I look forward to viewing the DVD version whenever it comes out. Sign me up for Art Sippo v. John Knox.


  1. Let's anti-welcome our anti-brother, Anti-Steve to this Anti-verse of Anti-matter. Anti-Steve, we in this anti-verse of anti-Catholics and anti-matter and anti-merit are all just an unhappy group of unpeople who undo unthings untogether, but, unknown to us there are no Anti-Protestants in this anti-verse, because, as we all know, that would be anti-intellectual.

    There is some unhope of unescape, however. Perhaps if you head over to, you can unbegin to unpay for your uncrime against un-Christians.


    The Anti-Welcome UnCommittee

  2. I am very proud to have you as a cell-mate at the Detroit defamation gallery, but I am ashamed that it took you so long. You're a much better man than the effort you put forth in getting denounced by Cardinal Armstrong.