Tuesday, July 16, 2019


In light of Pres. Trump's recent remarks directed at Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib:

  1. Perhaps Trump was indelicate in his remarks. Perhaps Trump could have put it better.

  2. However, that depends what Trump's goal (if any) was in making his remarks. Perhaps Trump got the exact reaction he hoped for.

  3. After all, the response from liberals and progressives against Trump's remarks is an overreaction, to say the least, viz. Trump and his supporters are sexist, racist, xenophobic, white nationalists. People making such remarks come across as irrational and unreasonable. It's possible Trump aimed to make progressives look crazed or rabid.

  4. I think Trump's main point is something like this: Politicians who support Islam, who support open borders and illegal immigration, who support socialism/communism, etc., aren't serving in the best interests of the United States. In fact, these politicians are attempting to undermine the United States as a constitutional republic (the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights). Wouldn't they feel more at home in nations which share their beliefs and values?

  5. What's amusing to me is that these Congresswomen have, in fact, reinforced Trump's point in their very responses to him! For example, Rep. Pressley said she'll always refer to Pres. Trump as "the occupant":

    In other words, Trump was duly democratically elected as president in accordance with the electoral college system, which has elected every single president in our history, but Pressley - who is also an elected representative - refuses to recognize Trump as the president. Instead, he's just an "occupant" of the White House. That tells us more about her than it does about Trump.

  6. Another example is Rep. Omar. Omar dodged answering a simple yes or no question, "Are you pro-al Qaeda?":

    Keep in mind Omar has made anti-Semitic remarks in the past. Keep in mind Omar has supported CAIR, which has had a long-standing affiliation with known Islamic terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. Keep in mind Omar was soft on ISIS and wrote a letter asking a judge to be lenient to those who joined ISIS. Keep in mind Omar described the 9/11 attacks as "some people did something". Finally keep in mind David Wood's "Three Stages of Jihad":

  7. Perhaps it's time Americans reconsider birthright citizenship as well as how naturalized citizenship is granted.


  1. I moved to Kentucky from California. All I do is constantly bitch about how backwards Kentucky is. All I do is complain about how ignorant the people of Kentucky are. All I do is lament about how awful the culture is in Kentucky. Someone the other day said to me "If California was so much better, then why did you leave? Go back if you don't like it here."

    I'm offended.

  2. I don't know what Trump's motives are for saying what he said, but I've heard plenty of my fellow right-wingers say the same thing. Whatever he motive, he is saying what many people have been saying for a long time and didn't think anyone was listening. It's why he resonates so well with his base.

    The problem with the left is that the leaders are moving leftward and demanding similar movement in their base. They aren't resonating with their base; they are expecting their base to resonate with them. It's going to stretch their base thin.