Sunday, May 12, 2019

Shapiro interviews Craig

A commenter posted a time-stamped, hyperlinked table of contents:

Welcome Dr. William Lane Craig 1:37 Why is there such a decline in religious belief in The West? 3:03 “Why should you get up in the dark and the cold to worship someone you don’t think is there?” 4:06 Nietzsche, “God is Dead”, Enlightenment sweeps away The Church 5:25 Faith backed by reason • A Renaissance of Christian Belief In Philosophy 7:40 What is the most reasonable proof of God? The Cosmological Argument (8:18) 1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause 2. The Universe began to exist 3. Therefore, The Universe has a cause The Moral Argument (9:18) (1) If God does not exist, then objective moral values do not exist (2) Objective moral Values exist (3) Therefore, God Exists 10:12 Objections/Response to The Cosmological Argument 11:55 Objections/Response to The Morality Argument 13:32 What are the strongest objections to God? Build a Steelman. Where are your objectors the strongest in their objections? 14:46 ZipRecruiter 15:46 Bertrand Russell The External Transcendent Cause Argument (16:03) 1. Everything that exists has an explanation of its existence either in necessity of its own nature or an external cause 2. If the Universe has an explanation of its existence, then its explanation is a Transcendent external cause 3. The Universe Exists Cn: Therefore, The Universe has a Transcendent external cause 17:25 Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Vaccum The Ontological Argument (19:13) 1. That than which nothing greater can be thought not only exists in the mind but in the real world 2. God is that than which nothing greater can be thought Cn. God Exists 21:22 Maximally Great Island 23:12 What makes God a Constant vs a Clockmaker (Deism) God necessarily exists. Can’t cease to exist. 25:23 Aquinas and Aristotle. Athens And Jerusalem 26:00 Monotheism. Who Was Jesus? 28:47 Judaism On Jesus 32:00 Religio-Historical Context (1) Jesus tomb was discovered empty (2) Seen walking around after (1) (3) The Disciples believed he had been risen from the dead 36:15 Rabbi Schneerson 37:17 “Good evidence doesn’t become bad evidence just because of the lapse of time” 38:25 The Necessity for Judaeo-Christian Revelation. Why a Personal God? - Atonement For Sin - Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for Mankind 42:45 Craig’s 1st Debate. Craig’s rematch debate 44:03 Problem of Evil 😈 Intellectual and Emotional Suffering 46:00 The Evils of The Bible Indentured Servitude/Slavery, an Anti-Poverty program 49:10 Divine Command Theory Divorce? 51:55 It is grounded in The Creation Story. 54:00 Relativism and Objectivity 55:25 Jordan Peterson 57:20 Reeducating Religion 58:49 What made you religious William?

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  1. What were your overall thoughts Steve? Especially compared to the Barron interview.