Monday, December 24, 2018

Is belief in God like belief in Santa Claus?


  1. I would also add that the Atheist comparison of Santa Clause falls even on historical grounds. They fail to realize that the modern concept of Santa is loosely based on St Nicholas, who was a 4th century Christian bishop in Asia Minor. He was known to give gifts to poor children and the needy. Now yes the modern concept of him today did evolve but it evolved from an original historical person. So the Atheist argument fails.

  2. Exactly. To slightly expand on Andy's point, how many people abandon belief in Santa in childhood *only to return to a belief in Santa* later on during adulthood after much soul searching and philosophical consideration regarding 'The Santa Question'?

    And atheists *still* use this mind-numbingly stupid comparison.

    I honestly believe that this is a reflection of the atheist's inability to think beyond childish concepts, and it is the atheist's own projection in play here.

    As Andy says, atheists who repeat this garbage are not ready for a seat at the adults' table.