Friday, June 29, 2018

You are here

Eschatology is like a store directory. When you look at a store directory, it orients you to the rest of mall by saying "You are here". But where is here? It keeps shifting according to where you are in relation to the mall. Depends on which entrance you happen to be at. Depending on where inside the mall you happen to be at. There are directories at each entrance of the mall well as inside the mall. And whenever you come to a directory, it says "You are here". So you're always here–yet here is never the same place! Here becomes a circular indexical. Here becomes there and there becomes here as you move from one directory to the next.

Imagine a lost driver. He pulls into a gas station to ask directions. "Where am I?" the driver asks. "You are here" the attendant answers. Well, that's not very helpful. 

The question is how to get from here to there, but you have to know where you are to know where there is. That's the tricky thing about endtime prophecy. Unless I know where I am in relation to the final destination, knowing that I'm here is useless since here can be anywhere. Here keeps changing. 

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