Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Schreiner on Romans

Schreiner has updated his classic commentary on Romans:



  1. Doug Moo has as well, I think his comes out in November or December?

  2. I have a questions on Romans 6-7. What do you think the emphasis of the "not under law but under grace" language? I think the traditional reformed interpretation is that we are not under law in order to be justified, but rather we are justified by faith(as the previous chapters 3-5 established). But Lee Irons would say that it is about how the Law has lost it's ability to condemn us because our union with Christ:


    1. It's rather complicated to respond to Lee's essay. I might do a post on that. I assume it was originally produced with his heresy trial in mind, defending himself against the charge of antinomianism. There's an incongruous mix of categories, where he combines the Puritan "covenant of works" paradigm (a la WCF) with Kline's idiosyncratic paradigm.

  3. Shreiner's commentary will be $57, and Moo's (due out in November) will be $76 at this point. Wow!

  4. Sometimes if you just wait a few months you can get a like-new copy much cheaper (and no internet tax!).

  5. I tend to use Book Depository - usually you can get it there for a discount and free shipping!