Friday, April 27, 2018

Atheist Philosophers Ignoring Their Opposition

This is from a recent edition of William Lane Craig's podcast. He's addressing the field of philosophy, but we see similar negligence in other fields as well:

I have had people who are Reasonable Faith listeners say that they just couldn't believe their ears when she trotted out the old Euthyphro Dilemma as though this were something new and devastating. It just shows the complete lack of engagement on the part of a very secular philosopher with Christian philosophy. The fact is that a lot of these people just don't read us. They don't read Christian philosophers. They are ignorant of what it says. So they rehearse these tired old objections over and over again. I recently had a debate with Erik Wielenberg on the best account for objective moral values and duties. Wielenberg is an atheist. He shared with me that one of the things that distinguishes his work is that he, unlike his colleagues, takes really seriously the work of Christian philosophers in this area – people like Robert Adams and William Alston and Steve Evans and others. According to Wielenberg, his secular colleagues just don't bother to read or interact with these Christian philosophers on these matters. That was so well illustrated by Rebecca Goldstein's ignorance of the response to the Euthyphro Dilemma.


  1. A lot of atheists think Christians lost the argument a long time ago, so atheists don't need to know what Christians have to say.

  2. Of course, Christianity is a relic of the past, and the 'remnant' who hold on to this backward nonsense can have nothing of importance or relevance to say. So the atheist has it all worked out. They do not need to listen to outdated arguments given by apologists. Hence the cult of atheism can simply spout its standard objections safe in the knowledge that Christian theologians and philosophers have no worthy responses to these objections.

    Isn't life in the atheistic cult wonderful. These darlings have no idea that arguments such as the Euthyphro Dilemma have been thoroughly answered time and again. Bless.