Friday, December 29, 2017

The Last Jedi and toxic masculinity

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  1. Assuming TLJ is a muddled mess, it's hard to tell if the muddled mess is intentional or unintentional:

    1. If it's intentional, then perhaps it's an attempt at a postmodern retelling of classic storytelling. A postmodern attempt to subvert Joseph Campbell's "hero with a thousand faces" and the like. Something along those lines.

    2. However, if it's unintentional, then perhaps the movie can simply be chalked up to the filmmakers' incompetence rather than a concerted effort at leftist propaganda. Recall Hanlon's razor.

    3. A third possibility is this very debate in and of itself has been planned: is this poor classic storytelling, or an attempted revolutionary retelling that burns down its foundations, to "let the past die", "to kill it", as Kylo Ren repeatedly exhorts Rey to do, or as Yoda used the Force to call down lightning to burn down the Jedi tree? Perhaps TLJ challenges its audience to decide for themselves.

    Moreover, if the third possibility, then perhaps we cycle back to the point about postmodernism. TLJ expects us to plunge headfirst down, down, down this neverending Alice-in-Wonderland rabbit hole. Or, more apropos, since it's a scene straight from TLJ, this infinite mirror of Reys, past, present, and future. Perhaps we're meant to be lost in an infinite regress of literary deconstruction.

  2. I think TLJ is just another way of the emperor to make himself known, "look I can even do what I want with your beloved SW franschise"

    Anyway, luckily we have the Thrawn trilogy, so we can know what really happened after the events of the return of the Jedi :)