Saturday, August 26, 2017

The new Jim Crow

While SJWs fight racist ghosts, structural racism is thriving on the left:


  1. How does this handicapping not play out negatively for all of the student and professors when they hit the classroom? How is this not different then creating a 'par' exam score where students receive their results with appropriate racial modification underneath the raw score. I doubt these shenanigans are even about a sick Vonnegutian egalitarianism. These social engineers are not irrational but rather they don't care they are doing untold damage to numerous professional fields while less qualified applicants are shunted to lame, pseudo-scientific/academic departments for degrees in fluff. This helps paper over this stupidity and create a new voting class of leftist ideologues. That's about all a graduate with honors in transgender basket-weaving can look forward to except for maybe a teaching position in said subject. With this nonsense our country deserves to lose the best and the brightest. These people have no shame.

  2. Will be looking for Anyabwile to speak up on behalf of the social justice needs of the Asian Americans anytime now...not.