Sunday, August 06, 2017

Adam, Eve, and Eden

I find it interesting to speculate on what it would be like to be born deaf or blind, then see or hear the world for the first time. Indeed, I find that unimaginable. It would certainly be overwhelming. So much to absorb, distinguish, sort out and filter out.

In the case of babies, their minds and senses gradually adjust to the world that bombards their senses. But consider Adam and Eve. They had no experience using any of their five senses. No warm up. They go straight from unconsciousness to full-fledged sensory perception. Even supposing the garden of Eden was rather austere, it would be a sensory feast to someone who had no sensory experience whatsoever until he suddenly came alive and self-aware. 

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  1. You can look up YouTube videos of colorblind people putting on Enchroma glasses and seeing the world with them for the first time. Almost everyone weeps for joy, it is really touching to see.

    We can speculate that in heaven our eyes will be able to see more of the electromagnetic spectrum,so we will be able to see colors beyond red, on the long wavelength side, and beyond violet, on the short side.