Monday, July 03, 2017

From the whirlwind

Preachers and commentators often remark on how Job never got an answer to his question. And that's true. 

However, that observation is somewhat misleading. Although his question went unanswered, he had a personal audience with God. An overwhelming token of God's presence and power. A storm theophany. Probably like Ezk 1. As well as an audible voice from God. 

Many believers suffer ordeals that seem to be inexplicable. But they'd be comforted to at least have a sign from God that he's aware, that he's there, that he cares. But what they get is…nothing. Nothing at all. Dead silence.

Even though Job got less than he was asking for, he got more than many believers ask for. God came to him. Spoke to him. He knew that God was in control. God had a reason, however inscrutable.

Which brings me to a second point. Consider how little the patriarchs knew about God and God's purposes. King David knew much more than Abraham. Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel knew far more than King David. And Christians know far more than Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel.

We have many unanswered questions about divine providence. Yet we know far more about his designs than OT Jews. Imagine how much clearer things will be in heaven. 

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  1. Many who say they want an answer from God either really want to disprove him or want a formulaic give-take relationship with him so they can have some sway over him, perhaps even to sit at his right hand. God will have neither.