Thursday, November 10, 2016

Popular backlash

A few random observations about the election:

i) I think one reason Hillary lost is that liberals routinely try to coerce and shame people into compliance rather than using persuasion. Not only does that mean they are not even attempting to get people to see things from their viewpoint, but they antagonize voters by pushing them around. That can be a successful policy if you have power over others. But it's not a reliable policy for remaining in power. 

Admittedly, this poses a dilemma for liberals. If their policies are inherently elitist and unpopular, then they have precious little prospect of success in convincing people to agree with them. So they can only resort to brass-knuckle tactics. 

Their best bet is controlling public and private education. Brainwashing the next generation. Turning kids against their parents. Turning the next generation into drones for the totalitarian secular state. 

ii) The 2016 election may be the last gasp of the "angry white male" voter. That's a dwindling demographic. America is becoming increasingly and rapidly multiethnic, which is fine (except for the Muslim component). Conservatives need to do a better job of spreading the message. 

iii) There are different theories as to why Trump won. He tapped into the alt-right. He tapped into the blue collar vote. Those were both elements of his constituency. 

Much indignation has been directed at self-identified evangelicals who voted for Trump in the general election. But ironically, there's a sense in which the liberal establishment created Trump. He's their Frankenstein. 

Although a certain percentage of self-identified evangelicals hold delusional beliefs about Trump's rectitude and consistency, I think that for many evangelical voters, it was just an anti-Hillary vote rather than a pro-Trump vote. Secular progressives have made themselves a direct threat to tens of millions of Americans. For many Trump voters, they simply acted in self-defense. They gambled on Trump. 

There are many examples in which the secular progressives are increasingly oppressive and autocratic. I think that provoked a popular backlash. Just a sample:


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