Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hanky-panky all around

I'd like to make a brief observation about this:

Premarital sex has been around since the Fall. And I doubt the percentage of sexually-active churchgoing singles has changed that much over the centuries. 

But traditionally, the general culture opposed homosexuality. Now, however, that so many members of the ruling class are imposing homosexual "equality" (really, super rights) on society at large, I suspect the prevalence of premarital sex in the church lowers resistance to the the new social agenda. That is to say, if many professing Christian singles are indulging in premarital sex, I expect that makes them decidedly less likely to condemn active homosexuals. In the past, the prevailing social mores made that decision for them. The hypocrisy was less personal, because they didn't have to take an individual stand against homosexual "equality." The culture already did that on their behalf. But now the issue has been joined. So the issue of consistency, one way or the other, now hits much closer to home. Even within the evangelical church, the moral floor for opposing homosexual "equality" is very soft.

I'd add that for many people, hypocrisy is their only moral category. That's the yardstick by which they measure any and all ethical issues.

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