Friday, August 12, 2016

Dreams and visions on the mission field

Daniel Chew is a Reformed cessationist. However, he's enough of an independent thinker that he grounds his position differently than the average cessationist, as a result of which he draws the lines differently:


  1. There was a study done that I can't reference because of who did it, who they did it for, who comprised the sample, where the study was done, and the reason for the study. Otherwise, I'll reference the study. "Workers" in countries of a certain religious demographic where it is common for new believers to have dreams and visions as well as the new believers themselves were asked why the new believers came to faith in Christ. The "workers" almost unanimously agree that it is because of the dreams and visions. The new believers, on the other hand, despite having dreams and visions, almost unanimously claim that it was exposure to the Bible. The dreams and visions gave them the nudge they needed, but it was the Word that the Holy Spirit ultimately used to bring them in. That's why efforts are ramping up to get the Bible into these countries.