Friday, July 15, 2016

Is atheism irrational?

An interview with Alvin Plantinga.

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  1. Good interview. I like what Plantinga said,

    We no longer need the moon to explain or account for lunacy; it hardly follows that belief in the nonexistence of the moon (a-moonism?) is justified. A-moonism on this ground would be sensible only if the sole ground for belief in the existence of the moon was its explanatory power with respect to lunacy. (And even so, the justified attitude would be agnosticism with respect to the moon, not a-moonism.)

    By the end of the interview he summarizes EAAN. I think we Christians need to better attack Evolutionary Reliabilism. The following are some articles that help. I hope more theists continue to argue against evolutionary reliabilism.

    The Circularity of Evolutionary Reliabilism

    The Evolutionary Basis of Self-Deception