Thursday, May 12, 2016

Matching parts

Transgenderism is beyond parody. An unintentional tragicomedy. 

We have people who are so deluded and self-deluded that they are incapable of forming realistic expectations. It's like they think we inhabit a fairy tale world where reality bends to your will. Some of them undergo irreversible sex change operations in their futile quest. They lose what they really are without becoming what they wish to be: 


  1. Bruce Jenner may be changing his mind (and body) again

    Bravest Woman Alive Who Used To Be A Man May Become A Man Again

    A woman on facebook wrote: Doing his hair and make-up every day got old pretty quickly. Not to mention heels and hose. Life as a woman isn't for the faint of heart - or men.


    1. If they take away Jenner's Woman of the Year award, it'll be called an Awardectomy.

    2. Or just chisel off the "Wo" from the word "Woman" on the award so that it says "man of the Year."