Monday, May 09, 2016

Get right with Donald!

I'm winding down on my Trump posts. Whoever wins in November, the election is a lost cause–thanks to the Trumpkins. The Supreme Court is probably doomed for a generation. I am, however, struck by how some Trumpkins are framing the campaign. 

Keith Burgess-Jackson is a Trump flack. He has a revealing way of expressing how people ought to relate to Trump: "Get right with Donald. It's not too late." "If you're really lucky, you will be forgiven." 

KBJ is oddly oblivious to the connotations of his advice. It's like saying, Get right with Sulla before it's too late!

It's the way you talk about political tyrants who liquidate their political opponents unless they hasten to throw themselves on the mercy of the tyrant. There's a chance the Dear Leader will show them clemency. But there's a very narrow window of opportunity to recant and abase yourself. 

Recently, Speaker Ryan said:

I think conservatives want to know, does he share our values and our principles on limited government, the proper role of the executive, adherence to the Constitution? There are lots of questions that conservatives, I think, are gonna want answers to, myself included. 

Trump flacks like Sarah Palin (and KBJ) immediately pounced on his effrontery. How dare he refuse to endorse the Donald!

Let's get something straight: Ryan is not a cabinet official. He's not a political appointee. He holds a top position in a coequal branch of gov't. He doesn't serve at the pleasure of the president. Rather, he's an elected official in his own right. He serves at the pleasure of Wisconsin voters. 

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  1. Some of what KBJ has written with regard to Trump (as well as against Trump's detractors) might as well be a prelude to poetry in praise of Hitler.