Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sinners in the hands of a jilted lover

Many freewill theists oppose divine impassibility. Although Rauser is a liberal Arminian, he has his broken clock moment in this post:

Reminds me of the widely reported story about a scorned girlfriend who retaliated by drugging her ex-boyfriend and then extracting all his teeth. Now, that story may have been a hoax, but one reason it went viral is that it was plausible. Betrayal begets revenge, and revenge knows no bounds. 

Many short-sighted Christians like the idea of an emotional God whose psychological makeup is very human. There's a whole "suffering God" literature. 

They haven't given much thought to what it what omnipotent revenge would look like. 


  1. If anyone is interested, there are two debates live streaming today.

    Starting at 7 PM Eastern time (4 PM Pacific) there's a discussion titled "What's Behind It All? God, Science, and the Universe." This discussion includes the following three participants 1. Discovery Institute's Stephen Meyer, 2. atheist cosmologist Lawrence Krauss and 3. theistic evolutionist Denis Lamoureux.

    The live stream link can eventually be found HERE

    Then there's the debate between Richard Carrier and Justin Bass on the topic "Are There Reliable Sources for the Miraculous Resurrection of Jesus?" at 8 PM Eastern or 5 PM Pacific time HERE or possibly HERE

    1. Here's the direct YouTube link to the Meyer/Krauss/Lamoureux discussion:

    2. Here's the direct link to the live streaming Carrier vs Bass debate: