Friday, October 16, 2015

Living with vampires

In the evolving vampire mythos, there's the trope of the vampire with a conscience. The vampire with a heart of gold. He doesn't want to kill people. Indeed, he may restrain himself. Drink animal blood instead of human blood. 

Mind you, there's always that pent up urge to drink the real thing. He must constantly suppress the urge to feed on humans. And sometimes, despite his best efforts, the caving is irresistible, so he falls off the wagon. 

Living around atheists is like living with vampires. Some atheists are proudly, avowedly Nietzschean. But other atheists are like the friendly neighborhood vampire. Conscience-stricken nihilists. Reluctant monsters. 

They suppress the sociopathic implications of atheism. Seal that away in a dark corner of their minds. Pretend it isn't there. 

But like the friendly neighborhood vampire, atheists are dangerous. There's that gnawing urge to be themselves. Inside every nice guy atheist is a psychopath clawing to get out. 

Eventually, nihilism gets the upper hand, and begins to warp public policy. They can only be recovering nihilists for so long, before their true nature becomes overpowering, and they go for the jugular. Despite his best intentions, a vampire can't help viewing you as an ice-cream cone on a hot summer day.  

Notice the trend-line: first abortion, then voluntary euthanasia, then involuntary euthanasia, along with "afterbirth" abortion, pedophilia as an alternative sexual "orientation," antinatalism, &c. 

When atheists gain political power, they are no longer safe to be around. They endanger everyone, including themselves. Politicized atheism is legalized sociopathology. 

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