Sunday, August 16, 2015

God's Love Scene

I just listened to Frank Turek interviewing J. Warner Wallace on his book, God's Crime Scene (Colorado Springs, Colorado: David C. Cook, 2015). Near the end of the program, Wallace made a comment about how Christian romantic fiction books outsell books on apologetics, apparently by a wide margin. Turek suggested that Wallace change the name of his book to God's Love Scene. What a sad commentary on the state of professing Christianity in our culture.

Given how much time I see women spending on romance novels, I wonder how much better this culture would be if they spent even ten percent as much time reading material on apologetics, theology, philosophy, ethics, etc. I've often mentioned things men are more likely to waste time on in other posts (sports, pornography, video games, etc.), but I haven't said as much about the problem with women and romance literature. I've long been astonished at how often I see women reading one, two, or more romance books every week or every month who probably have never read through an entire book on, say, theology, politics, or apologetics. If you haven't read my material documenting how Americans have desperately false priorities and horrible time management, please click on the Time Management label below.

Something else that came up during the interview was a comment Richard Land has made about apologetics, to the effect that evangelism in our day requires apologetics. When people neglect apologetics, that tells us something about other areas of their lives as well. How involved are they in evangelism if they're so uninterested in apologetics? To the extent that they are involved in evangelism, what's the quality of that evangelism if apologetics has so little role in it?

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