Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why does AHA support abortion?

Abolitionists will also continue interposing themselves between the innocent unborn and the rhetoric of wolves that jovially and enthusiastically support the unjust laws that cement ageism into our culture of death's psyche.

Translation: abolitionists interpose themselves between innocent babies and the prolifers who could save them. AHA barricades the abortion clinic from restrictive laws. AHA barricades the abortion clinic to prevent restrictive laws from saving babies. 

Instead of protecting babies from the abortionist, AHA is protecting the abortionist from laws that limit his access to babies. They don't allow the prolifer to come between the abortionist and the baby. They give him free rein. 

By opposing incremental legislation, AHA protects the legal status quo. They stand guard at the abortion clinic to keep restrictive laws at bay. 

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