Sunday, May 03, 2015

Mother's Day: Holiday Of Hate

You probably celebrate Mother's Day. And you probably get your mother flowers and other things you don't give your father on Father's Day. Bigot.

Seriously, though, aren't we supposed to believe that there's no significant difference between the genders? Don't feminists, proponents of same-sex marriage, and other people often suggest that it's hateful, mean-spirited, or whatever to treat men and women as if they're significantly different?

Most Americans support state recognition of same-sex marriage, yet the large majority of Americans support having distinct holidays to celebrate motherhood and fatherhood in distinct ways. And everybody or almost everybody who celebrates those holidays does so under the premise that mothers are females and fathers are males. It's not a matter of a two-men relationship, with one having the mother role and the other having the father role, for example. Rather, Mother's Day cards use female terminology ("she", "her", etc.), Father's Day advertisements feature males, and so on.

Since traditions, laws, and other aspects of society are often based on what's generally true rather than what's universally true, all it takes is a general difference between men and women to justify something like celebrating Mother's Day the way we do. Similarly, such gender differences, even if they were only general rather than universal, would justify something like distinguishing between opposite-sex marriage and a same-sex relationship that some people want to call marriage. An opposite-sex couple's romantic relationship is significantly different than a same-sex couple's. Being raised by opposite-sex parents is significantly different than being raised by same-sex parents.

Why is it that Valentine's Day ads are so focused on having men get flowers, candy, stuffed animals, and such for women? Is that hateful and discriminatory? Are flower companies bigoted if they don't divide their flower ads evenly between Mother's Day and Father's Day? Aren't some of these companies that recognize such gender differences surrounding Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. the same companies that are supporting the same-sex marriage movement in some way? Why don't they apply their standards more consistently? Why don't they start evenly dividing their ads for flowers between Mother's Day and Father's Day and see what happens? Even if they lose money, shouldn't their alleged ethical concerns about not being bigoted, discriminatory, etc. lead them to making the decision to lose money rather than promote hatred? Why don't the liberals and others who are promoting nonsense like same-sex marriage put their money where their mouth is and stop being so intellectually shallow and hypocritical? Shouldn't the Americans who support state recognition of same-sex marriage stop celebrating Mother's Day and Father's Day the way those holidays have traditionally been celebrated? Take your own medicine, bigots.


  1. I can't wait to pick out a "Gender Neutral Primary Caregiver's Day" card for my parental units.

    1. They need to have customizable cards with all of the Facebook gender options. Or expand the card selection, a lot. You'd have to spend much more time and effort finding a card, but the important thing is how much more enlightened, tolerant, inclusive, and loving we'd be.

    2. This was meant as a social experiment, but I think it's just a sign of things to come:

  2. I think the average American has little idea of how much their society is going to be expected to change in the coming years to accommodate the homosexual and transgender movements. (And there will be more efforts to mainstream polyamory, incest, etc., so they may be added to the list.) People within the movements aren't going to discuss all of their expectations upfront. They'll try to introduce and implement the changes gradually. There will be demands to change marriage laws, restrooms, language, textbooks, how we celebrate holidays, workplace standards, etc. Even something as insignificant as using terms like "male wrench" and "female wrench" for tools could be considered inappropriate. Once you accept the premise that opposition to something like homosexuality or transgenderism is equivalent to being a racist, it becomes much more difficult to resist the demands that are made. Some of the demands will be resisted, but a lot will be accommodated. The resulting change in society will be large, and it will be for the worse.

    The American people need to stop spending so much of their time on things like watching dubious television programs and movies. It's not just that there are better things they could be doing with their time. It's also a matter of people inordinately getting their information and moral guidance from sources that are so unreliable and depraved.

    There are better sources in society that could go a long way in counteracting that, if they'd speak up. But they usually don't. How often do you see pastors, Christians on television, or Christians on the radio, for example, discussing matters like same-sex marriage and transgenderism in depth? Not often, as far as I can tell. The society keeps raising the issues, and Christians keep responding with silence or, on the rare occasions when they speak up, little that's of much substance.

    1. Do you think that a conservative gov't would help to change that, though? I mean obviously that wouldn't make the social justice crowd go away, but maybe it wouldn't enable them as much, either.

    2. Since there aren't many electable conservatives outside the Republican party, I'll focus on Republicans. I think they'll resist more of the changes than the Democrats will, and they'll slow down the changes in other cases. But even the Republicans are largely ignorant, apathetic, and cowardly on issues like these, much like the large majority of Americans are, including most conservatives and most Evangelicals.

      If the parents, friends, teachers, and other people surrounding conservative Republican leaders don't know much about these issues, don't show much concern about them, and are so ineffective at addressing the issues when they do address them, why expect the Republican leaders who come out of that sort of environment to be much better? They'll be better to some extent, since addressing some of these issues is part of their job, they have more access to organizations that can provide them with good information on these topics, etc. But most of them are only going to rise so far above the corrupt culture surrounding them, including the conservatives and Evangelicals they're surrounded with who are handling these issues so poorly.

      I've provided some examples in this thread. We celebrate holidays like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day every year. They're popular holidays. We don't make much use of them to address issues like gender differences and marriage. It's reminiscent of how churches waste the apologetic opportunities they have during the Easter and Christmas seasons. Or letting Reformation Day pass year after year without even mentioning it or without saying much about it. Typically, the same churches (and parents, etc.) will celebrate Halloween while they're in the process of neglecting Reformation Day. We do that kind of thing in so many contexts.

      I remember seeing a Republican Congressman, Peter King, on a Sunday morning political television program years ago. I think it was This Week on ABC. Same-sex marriage came up. King looked like he didn't want to discuss the topic. As I recall, he made some vague appeals to tradition and cited some opinion polls suggesting that most Americans opposed same-sex marriage at the time. He didn't bring up any good arguments. It didn't seem that King had done much research or had much concern about addressing the subject well, and I doubt that many of his relatives, friends, or staff had much knowledge or concern about the issue.

  3. The broader professing church in the States is so Corinthianized there's little surprise that it has no influence or voice.

    The Lord tends to be pretty zealous about things like purity and holiness, so maybe He'll use these circumstances to bring about blazing persecution to mercifully and graciously set His people free from their love of this world.