Thursday, May 07, 2015

Another clueless atheist

Isn’t it amazing that God’s commands as reported by holy books just happen to reflect the views of the culture in which they were written? It’s almost as if the authors of those books took their own opinions about morality and said they were God’s opinions. - See more at:

Isn't it amazing that apostate Jeff Lowder never noticed that many Biblical commands and prohibitions are countercultural? That they tell Christians and Jews do to or not do things which cut against the cultural grain? Injunctions that are diametrically opposed to the social mores of their pagan neighbors? 

Why is OT history a history of national apostasy? Is that because divine commands happened to coincide with ancient Israelites wanted to do? Or because they rankled and rebelled? 

Why does the NT have household codes which warn against assimilating with Greco-Roman mores? 

In a sense, Jeff's ignorance is predictable. Biblical illiteracy is one reason some nominal Christians become apostates in the first place. 

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