Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Irrational skepticism forum

I just thought I'd collate in a single place Steve's excellent series in response to some typical village atheists over at the Rational Skepticism Forum. In chronological order, from earliest to most recent:

  1. "Shooting blanks"
  2. "The Cartesian theater"
  3. "Third-rate atheists emulating second-rate atheists"
  4. "Routing infidels"


  1. Sometimes it only takes seeing that a Christian can go toe-to-toe with atheists to prevent a professing Christian from having serious doubts or losing (temporarily?) his/her faith. Sometimes it's not a particular apologetical issue that causes some Christians to doubt. Sometimes it's merely the idea (which atheists love to promote) that Christianity is an anti-intellectual and indefensible worldview. That there aren't intelligent and informed Christians out there who can hold their own in a debate. In this case Steve demolished them.

    Book Reviews of Recent Atheist Authors by Christian Apologists

    The above link includes book reviews by the Triabloggers and others.

    1. I for one can testify to this. It's through responses like these (and Bnonn Tennants "Dunning Kruger" post) that I can see that atheists have very little to offer, and that their ammunition is confidence, not facts.
      In nicer terms, it's helped my faith! Keep up the good work, and thanks.

  2. Good work Steve