Thursday, October 30, 2014

‪Every Grunt from Home Improvement‬

Every so often, Jason Engwer does a post on people who fritter away their lives in ephemeral, trivial diversions. Here's something I just ran across. No, I didn't watch it:
Every Grunt from Home Improvementkoonjam215,924
Published on Jun 14, 2013This is every grunt (662), in order, from all 203 episodes of Home Improvement, with the exception of intro grunts and any other repeated grunts.

Think how much time it took to excerpt every grunt from Home Improvement

If koonjam was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 6 months to live, is that how he'd spend his remaining time on earth? I'm afraid some people would.

But some people, who take life for granted, are shaken up by a life-threatening experience. It changes their priorities. 

My point is: why wait for a cancer diagnosis?  

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  1. Maybe if koonjam hadn't been killing time on his grunt project he might have done something that would have caused harm to himself, or someone else that may have had a negative impact on the future.

    As it stands his waste of time made it into a post at one of my favorite blogs, and reading and thinking about koonjam resulted in me praying for him.