Saturday, August 09, 2014

Islam on the march


  1. Steve -- I'm not trying to make excuses for Islam in my last two blog posts. I agree with you totally that "Islam is the problem", that Islam itself is a mutant and distorted thing in itself. That's why I used such words as "cradle"," "enabler", and "teacher". I tried (however briefly) to respond to Matthew's question, to show scholars who were drawing the conclusion that early Islam was influenced by Rome, by Roman policies, even prior to the its formation as a "thing".

    But Rome excuses itself from every historical excess on its own part, and "the faithful" buy in to that in such a degree that all the dark things that Rome did are excused because, as you have said, the noumenal portion of "the Roman Catholic Church" is pure and spotless and holy", therefore no request for an accounting can even be put to it. And yet, I have a "dark heart" for pointing these things out.

  2. The parallels with the modern-day conflict between Israel and Islam are striking and instructive. Islam is an implacable and insatiable foe.