Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The dystopian utopia

Have you ever noticed how, the more they get their way, the angrier liberals become? Liberals have made tremendous strides under Obama. You'd think they'd be happier than ever. Yet the more they succeed, the angrier they get. 

Liberals are utopians. And this leads to permanent dissatisfaction. Increasing rage. The world is never good enough. They always see problems. As soon as they think they solved one problem, they see another problem. No matter how much they improve they world, there's still so much wrong with the world. Not enough hours in the day to fix the world. 

A university is a microcosm of the liberal utopia. They force their ideology on faculty and students alike. Yet the ideological purity of the regime is never pure enough. There's a need for constant indoctrination, surveillance, periodic purges. It's hard to be a happy liberal, even in your own fiefdom, where you make the rules and police compliance. Having disinfected the campus of conservatives, liberals turn on each other. 

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  1. One reason they are angrier is because they have certain expectations of their propagandized ideology. When those expectations go unmet, they blame those who disagree for thwarting their utopian efforts when the only thing those who disagree have done is to predict the very results the liberals are seeing. That's a characteristic of the deluded: to be angry when the truth is realized such that they turn even more into their delusion.