Monday, June 30, 2014

Tinfoil hat eschatology

Now, just as an aside, I am mystified Christians have tied all sorts of evil plotting to the United Nations.  Among conspiracy theorists, the U.N. is primarily identified with the final, one-world government of the end times.  But the reality is quite the opposite. The U.N. has only demonstrated a general incompetence and impotence in unifying any nation under a so-called “one world government.”  In all honesty, they are only good for eliminating hook worms in 3rd world countries, not organizing a “one world government” with the Antichrist as its head.

I agree with Fred, but here's the catch. Doesn't dispensationalism foster the conspiratorial outlook he deplores? Isn't the expectation of one-world gov't headed by the Antichrist something dispensationalism cultivates? Why wouldn't dispensationalists been on the look-out for signs of that impending development? 

Maybe he thinks the UN is a bad candidate, but it's the same mindset that fingers other candidates, viz. the Vatican, the Trilateral Commission, Jewish bankers, Jewish media moguls, Skull and Bones, Henry Kissinger, &c.

Incidentally, the UN is a vehicle for advancing a radical ideological agenda through international law which trumps national sovereignty and the democratic process. Consider, for instance, how the Convention on the Rights of the Child overrules parental rights. CPS on steroids. Or take universal jurisdiction. The UN is not as ineffectual as it appears to be. 

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