Thursday, June 12, 2014

Karl Giberson on miracles

Karl Giberson is a prominent critic of creationism and intelligent-design theory. He recently made some revealing comments about miracles on Paul Moser's Facebook page:

  • Karl Giberson
    I refer to the study by Larson and Witham, considered definitive. Also some more recent work by Elaine Ecklund. Miracles are more complicated and less relevant. Loads of Christians reject virtually all miracles save the resurrection and even define that in a different way.
    15 hours ago
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    Robert Firestone
    At what point is the word "Christian" even meaningful without the bodily resurrection?
    15 hours ago
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    Karl Giberson
    You should read Hans Kung or other leading theologians who explain that. I am not a theologian. I was once, rather provocatively, asked to "draw the trajectory of the ascension." Try it....
    15 hours ago
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  1. It seems many of these 'progressive' 'Christians' are taking everything to their logical conclusion. At least they're somewhat honest. I just wish they would stop identifying themselves as Christians. though