Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Josephus Misdated the Census of Quirinius

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  1. I haven't yet read the above article. It might mention an important detail mentioned in the following:

    While I'm no longer a Roman Catholic, Catholic apologist Robert Sungenis wrote:

    "Thanks to the work of Hugues de Nanteuil, we have found that the modern critics are wrong. Little known (or advertised by modern scholars) is that Josephus had two different dates for the death of Herod, and the interpretation of the source containing 4 B.C. is highly debatable. In Herod’s [sic] other work, he says Herod died in 7 or 8 BC."

    If it's true that Josephus had two different dates for the death of Herod, then it would be a matter of fact that Josephus got it wrong at least once. Which also means Josephus could have gotten it wrong twice. Conversely, this also means that Luke could have gotten it right. In which case, skeptics put too much weight on this apparent Biblical error whenever they argue against Biblical Inerrancy. Unfortunately, Sungenis didn't give anymore information in his reference to the work of Hugues de Nanteuil.

    Here's my blog where I've collected some links dealing with Luke's census (some are from Triablogue).

    On the Accuracy of Luke Census