Sunday, February 02, 2014

Vatican “decorum squad” not amused by these Sunday Funnies

Depiction of "SuperPope" Francis before and after Rome's speedy
(or not so speedy) Decorum Squad.
The Vatican (or someone terribly eager to impress them – the “Catholic News Service” has referred to them as “Rome’s ‘decorum squad’”) has painted over a graffiti image of “Superpope” Francis, seemingly in record time. (Normally, the article said, offensive pieces of graffiti are permitted to remain for years).

The National Catholic Reporter has noted that the graffiti mural, was dubbed "SuperPope". It was first spotted on Tuesday and is the work of Italian street artist Mauro Pallotta.

It marked a new city record given the piece went up Monday night and most illegal urban “decorations” are ignored for years. Notice the illegal cafe’ sign that quickly filled the void…

Superpope Francis at Triablogue
Superpope Francis at Triablogue
The artist, Mauro Pallotta, said he saw the censure coming. He told the Italian newspaper La Stampa that “city decorum” officials had been circling “dangerously close” to his piece on Wednesday.

“But the people’s reaction stopped them. There was a small revolution. They left, but they’ll be back,” he said. And right he was.

Of course, we at Triablogue, interested at being at the cutting-edge of things, have repeatedly offered you the concept of “Superpope”, with “Pope Francis” appearing with the famous “Superman” logo.

An appropriate thought for “Super” Sunday.

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