Saturday, January 05, 2013

Fish out of water

 Cotton Comes to Harlem Poster

Some Clarkian Scripturalists are understandably embarrassed by Drake Shelton. The obvious solution is for them to sedate him with a chloroform moistened cloth, transport him to Central Harlem, deposit him on a sidewalk at night, wearing his cute little Confederate uniform, then let nature take its course. 


  1. Maybe we can make it a threesome and include Vantillians Doug Wilson and Steve Wilkins and force them to walk up and down 125th Street wearing sandwich board signs advertising: "Southern Slavery: As It Was."

  2. They tried something like that in the third Die Hard, didn't they?

  3. On a different note while Shelton is an embarrassment, not necessarily for Scripturalists as I can't imagine anyone even confusing him with a Christian much less a Scripturlist, Ryan Hedrich is more of a genuine embarrassment ( Hedrich is a former winner of the Trinity Foundation's student worldview contest and doesn't seem to be encumbered with all of Shelton's seething hate-filled racism, even if he is an anti-trinitarian subordinationist in every way on par with Shelton. Actually, he got his ideas directly from Shelton, which ought to be embarrassing enough.

    So, if you want to embarrass Clarkian Scripturalists, he's the guy you need to look at.

    1. I'm hoping Ryan will shake off Drake's malefic influence.