Thursday, December 13, 2012

Liberals and Why They Hate Charities

Liberals hate charities. Because liberals are cheap. They especially hate religious charities. Because liberals are not religious.

But the core reason why they hate charities is because in their world-view government should be the only All-Benevolent giver. Liberals love to control us, and charities are out of their control—especially tax-deductible charities such as the 501(c)(3).

Now that Obama is exercising his unabated statist power, it is only a matter of time that he kills off tax-deductible charities.

The communist take over continues before our eyes...


  1. "Liberals and Why They Hate Charities"

    Have you ever noticed that it seems like a lot of theological liberals (Liberal Protestants) are also political liberals?

  2. Absolutely disgusting. The sort of think you'd suspect big government libs might be thinking but would never dare act on. The fake trying to oust the legitimate by sheer fiat, because it could never justify its existence otherwise. The same has been happening with regards to education and parenting for some time now (although we're not as bad as Germany where homeschooling is outlawed).

    And of course big gov't "charity" is accountable to no one. It is almost impossible to reform when it goes bad. But you have to pay into it nevertheless. I'd cite Obama's undoing of Clinton's reforms as one example of it going bad.