Friday, September 07, 2012

The Alarming Growth of Calvinism

[Eastern Orthodox] Archpriest John W. Morris said:

There is a very alarming growth of Calvinism among American Evangelicals including continuing Anglicans. I believe that there is no form of Christianity that is less Orthodox than Calvinism. I cannot think of any heretic who has done more harm to the Christian religion than Calvinism.


  1. I have friends who converted to Eastern Orthodoxy, and they can never give me any biblical justifications. Eastern Orthodoxy needs to be critiqued as much as Roman Catholocism. Do you have any resources you would recommend?

  2. I missed spelled Catholicism... sorry.

    1. Hi Pseudo-A, my old friend the Embryo Parson was Eastern Orthodox for a number of years before getting out of that system. He's got lots of info at his blog site:

      Rhology also knows quite a bit about Eastern Orthodoxy:

      But you may have to search for it there.