Monday, August 06, 2012

Them thar gun nuts

The Sikh temple shooting graphically illustrates, once more, why we need to confiscate guns. Civilians can’t be trusted with guns. Only the pros should be allowed to carry guns. Guns ownership ought to be confined to professional soldiers and law-enforcement officers. Not to untrained, trigger-happy civilians.

Wait a minute…wasn’t the shooter an army vet? Okay, well I guess restricting gun access to the pros won’t solve the problem after all.


  1. If we outlaw guns, only the government will have guns.

    Precisely the situation 2nd Amendment is intended to prevent, one might note.

  2. Steve, thought you might find this useful next time you discuss the upcoming election or politics/media:

  3. Psy-ops, Fort Bragg. The earliest eyewitnesses reported four white shooters clad in black. See the AP video.

    Now it's a lone gunman, a white supremacist operating a semi-auto pistol.


    Maybe there was an understandable fog of confusion surrounding the event. I can't imagine how it was to have been there. But here's the AP video of a man claiming that there were four gunmen, one of whom was shot, and further claiming that his uncle was one of those shot, not fatally, thankfully, at least not to his knowledge at that time.