Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Cocooned atheism

Over at the Secular Outpost, Jeff Lowder continues to crusade for the glorious cause of sodomy. He acts as though homosexuals are suffering from some grave miscarriage of justice.

Other issues to one side, Jeff is doing things backwards. Before he presumes to moralize, an atheist should first determine if a secular moralist is oxymoronic.

This involves two questions; (i) Is there right and wrong? Are there objective moral norms? Are there moral truths independent of what humans happen to think about morality?

Relatedly, (ii) even if there are moral facts, do they apply to human organisms? Are human organisms entitled to certain rights? Is there a right way or wrong way to treat human organisms?

For some reason, Jeff imagines that he can just skip over the preliminaries and go straight to moralizing about his pet peeves.

This illustrates the fact that the intellectual pretensions of atheism are just a façade. It corroborates St. Paul’s allegation that the unbeliever is living a lie.

Like many atheists, Jeff lives in a silken cocoon that shields him from exposure to the harsh elements of atheism. It’s warm and soft inside his little cocoon.   

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  1. You should read Dean Koontz's Frankenstein series Steve. The first two especially, through Victor Frankenstein's worldview, demonstrate what a true, logical, and unavoidable humanistic/materialistic "ethic" might look like. I've used them successfully as evangelistic tools before.