Monday, April 23, 2012

Bible Answer Man flunks the exam

Looks like the Bible Answer Man needs to go back to Bible college and get an education:


  1. I'm shocked to watch those video clips of Hank H.

    Of course, not every Christian is going to agree with everybody else about every large and little thing about doctrine, so it didn't bother me that Hank H. is an Arminian, he still was very helpful in other areas of Christian doctrine.

    But to see him in this video was just horrible. He really degraded his own reputation and credibility.

  2. While I can agree that 'debt' is a huge problem and that there are disparities in the world, the OWS movement along with blaming Jews is not the answer. To Christians the means should be as important as the ends.

    During the Cold War the role Hannegraff is playing used to be referred to as a "useful idiot".