Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ron Paul's secret weapon in the war on terror


  1. I thought it was a strong Defense? And to get out nation back to the US Constitution and its roots of perhaps having a nation with a biblical foundation again.

  2. Someone remind me which candidate has no weak spots in there ideas or past.

  3. That wacky Ron Paul, espousing the archaic foreign policy views of wimpy appeasers like George Washington, Robert "Mr. Republican" Taft, and hippie peacenik J. Gresham Machen.

    I'm glad that the neocons and Wilsonian interventionists have set the record straight with such amazing successes in Afghanistan and the newly minted Iranian client state of Iraq.

  4. Hey, Uncle Dick, Ron Paul called. He wants his tin foil helmet back!

    Afghanistan and Iraq will never be problems again. They are just two trophies in our cabinet of foreign policy. Next up: Iran. We'll just print off a few more trillion dollars and then go to war.

    War with Iran is, after all, inevitable. They want nuclear weapons and unless you live in la la land you know that they aren't going to roll over to our sanctions (ever heard of Iraq? Yeah, I mean Iraq BEFORE it became the pro-democracy, pro-American success story you know of today).

    So we have two options: war with Iran or nuclear holocaust (which is probably what Ron Paul really wants!).

    Once Iran is in our trophy cabinet we'll need to add Syria, North Korea, and so on of course.

    With the advances in printing technology, we shouldn't have any hiccups funding these wars. In fact I suspect we'll be debt free by that time, having printed enough to pay it with interest.

    Don't bother commenting back with BS about history and fiat money, I'm a PATRIOT and that's spelled W-A-R.