Friday, November 11, 2011

Down with evil corporations!


  1. It would be helpful to know just what OWS demands. Right now the group is simply a fitful mass of inchoate, even disparate, ideas. I suspect its inability to articulate a clear vision has also contributed to its outbursts of violence. Haphazard discontent is a dangerous thing.

    It seems the movement so far has been largely a waste.

  2. excellent satire ; whoever came up with the picture is brilliant creativity.

    The OWS mostly seems like just left-wing liberals who are spoiled and cannot get the jobs that they thought they would get by going to a liberal arts University to get enlightened; and combined with other anarchists, homeless, and others taking advantage of the situation.

    They need to "occupy" in front of the Obama White House and Freddie and Fanny and Chris Dodd and Barney Frank's houses.

  3. Love it. Is this your work, Patrick?

  4. Superb.

    Have a great weekend! And especially have a wonderful Lord's day in the presence of our Savior and Friend. And have a good time worshiping our Father in Spirit and truth, as he has sought us out to do. (John 3)

  5. James Anderson said:

    Love it. Is this your work, Patrick?

    Oh, no, unfortunately I didn't do this and can't claim any credit at all. :-( Hm, I forget where I first saw it, but it's apparently gone viral. I've now seen it at multiple places like various blogs, Facebook, etc. Whoever did it has a great sense of humor! :-)

  6. Matthew is right. The OWS suffer from not having concrete demands. I'm very sympathetic to their work but am increasingly frustrated at the amount of vagueness that surrounds the words of the protesters.

    Its the lack of proposals from these people that lead to their mockery as in this picture. Of course they are not against large corporations per se but rather the liberal economics that are in vogue at the moment.

  7. OWS is liberal AstroTurf laid down as a left-wing "response" to the actual grass-roots Tea Party movement just in time for the election cycle. It's just that simple.

    This is why there has been inordinate MSM media coverage of every picayune detail, and "personal-story", in sympathetic docu-drama format in contradistinction to Tea Party coverage which is mocking, dismissive, insulting, and embittered.

    Don't over analyze, folks.

  8. Liberals said the same thing about the Tea Party, yet that probably contributed to them underestimating its power and influence. It would not be prudent to repeat the same error with respect to OWS.

  9. coram deo. unfortunately you show a blinkered view of events that is common to americans. I was at the a occupy street march today in a european city. I was informed that "occupy " movements are taking place in circa 2500 cities worldwide. Seeing as my own country has little to zero political movements that are similar to the tea party its fair to say that this movement has got little to do with trying to counter the tea partiers.

  10. Matt,

    When the weather gets cold enough the OWS folks will go home to their lofts and lattes.

    Space Bishop,

    Yes, I'm fully aware that there are leftists all around the world, but it's called "Occupy" what? And it began where?

    Monkey-see, Monkey-do.

  11. Matthew. Slavoj Zizek say this in regard to your point.

  12. Žižek seems unaware of the possibility that capitalism isn't consistently practiced in America.