Friday, November 25, 2011

The heretic of our heretic is our friend

Here's another gem from our dear friends at SEA:

Greg Boyd - Boyd is the pastor of Woodland Hills church in Minneapolis, MN. He is an open theist (a position which SEA does not affirm), however, his argumentation against Calvinism is solid nonetheless. Be sure to check out his sermon about predestination preached on 6/24/94, and his Q&A on 8/22/2009.

Is his “solid” argumentation against Calvinism really separable from his open theism? 


  1. The same disturbing pattern is found in their reference of F.Lagard Smith, author of "troubling questions for Calvinists" who in this book openly and unambiguously denies and refutes original sin, arguing that the only thing original about original sin is that it is nowhere to be found in the Bible, and that no one can doubt that all humans are born in a pristine moral state.
    Troubling indeed.

  2. Response 1: "Sure, he worships a false god... but DANG he's good on Calvinism!"

    2. Have they checked out the Jehovah's Witness and Mormon counters to Calvinism? Could be potent stuff.