Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crowd control


Wow, much as I laughed out loud at that comment, I hope you're going to confess it to your priest.

That poses severe logistical challeges. You see, Armstrong is so fond of talking about himself that whenever he goes to confession, you have a line stretching all around the block as other parishioners wait their turn while Armstrong updates his priest on the very latest installments in the story of Dave. The police require advance notification to erect barricades and reroute traffic. Concession stands are wheeled in to feed the waiting parishioners. Tents are set up for overnighters. Trapped in the Confessional with the interminable Dave-a-thon, the famished priest must order delivery pizza on his cellphone. 

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  1. Truth be told, if all of us had to really confess all of our discrete sins, I suspect we'd be in the same situation. Thank God I don't have to go back and pore over every memory investigating every action for every small sin. I'd be undone by despair and doubt that I had remembered them all. It's enough to confess once that there are many and trust Christ to forgive them all - then to work on those that the Holy Spirit brings to mind in conviction as He daily perfects me.